During the time I was at Drake I had the opportunity to be very involved in community service projects with our football team.  What stands out the most is our trip to Tanzania in May of 2011.  Our team raised the money to go and spent two weeks in Tanzania during which we would play the first American Football game on the continent, lead youth football clinics, complete various community service projects, and climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  While the football game was probably the most advertised it was the least important aspect of the trip.  Having the chance to build houses, paint schools, and bring food to children that were truly in need of it is a feeling I will never forget.

Being at Drake has also given me the opportunity to be very involved in the Des Moines community.  I have spent time volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club as well as going to various elementary schools to read with children.  Through all of these different experiences I have really gotten a better sense of what is important in life.  Thinking of only  yourself may get you somewhere in the short term but it won’t pay off in the long haul.