“From day one, Ben needed very little direction and tackled tasks head on.    Not once did I feel I ever had to “hold his hand”.  That alone proved to me that he was somebody I could count on.  As a producer he ran with a few of our show pieces this year and he did a great job.  The best part about Ben is that you are getting a great shooter and editor as well.  He took control of most of our new studio shoots, understanding the control room, set lighting and running the jib.  He has become an even better shooter since starting with us and shot on everything in our arsenal; P2, Canon and Nikon DSLR’s, and the Canon C300 cinema camera.  He is a guy you can send on location, with or without a reporter, and be confident that he’ll come back and produce a nice piece.”

  -Kevin Foy, Chief Videographer Chicago Bears Network



“I worked with Ben at the Chicago Bears Football Club. As a producer with the Chicago Bears Network I had the opportunity to work closely with Ben on numerous projects. Daily, he demonstrated reliability to his immediate supervisor as well as the entire broadcast team. He is motivated to succeed and he worked very hard to accomplish his goals as well as the goals of the department.  In addition to an exemplary professional performance, personally, he was a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.  He is enthusiastic, was willing to learn new things, and readily accepted diverse assignments.”

    -Dan Barile, Senior Producer/Editor Chicago Bears Network



“Ben is an excellent photographer with a good eye and strong editing skills.  He fit very well into our newsroom, which is the national Station of the Year winner from the National Press Photographers Association.  His love of Chicago and the Bears caused him to leave us, but we’d hire him back in a minute if we could.”

            -Dave Busiek, News Director KCCI 8 News



“Ben was a member of the Iowa Cubs video team for the 2011 and 2012 minor-league baseball seasons. Ben did a terrific job for us. He has a tremendous work ethic, a great skill set, and a passion for sports. He has a positive attitude and knows the value of teamwork. Ben was one of our best interns ever.”

           -Scott Sailor, Director of Communications Iowa Cubs



“Ben is a co-worker who quickly becomes a friend.  Even with tough situations or tedious tasks, he works hard, without complaint, and is always a professional.”

          -Shaina Humphries, Reporter KCCI 8 News



“Ben is a hard worker who always puts in 110% and is willing to go the extra mile.  Under stressful situations he remains calm and finishes the task at hand with professionalism.”

         -Kim St. Onge, Reporter KCCI 8 News