These are two examples of hype videos that I put together for the team this season. I edited a new video each week for the team to watch on Saturday morning before that weeks game.



The following two videos are episodes of The Hunt that I produced for during this season. I gathered footage and shot player interviews to release a new episode each week.


This is the Bears video board open for the 2014 season that I was able to put together.  The video ran each home game prior to the Bears taking the field.



This is a Bears Confidential Feature that I helped shoot.  We set up three cameras in our Halas Hall studio and used the different monitors to get some creative angles.  Kevin Foy edited the piece and Jeff Joniak conducted the interview.



This is an Inside The Bears feature that I helped shoot along with Chris Yankton and Dan Barille.  ITB host Anthony Adams and Bears Offensive Tackle Jordan Mills went to 6 Flags Great America and had a little fun with the customers during Fright Fest.



This is segment one of the Bears Inside Rookie Mini-Camp series from the 2014 season.  I edited the segment along with Cam Good.  The whole Chicago Bears Network staff assisted with gathering footage and creating the various elements within the piece.



This is a video I edited and produced for Coach Ditka’s number retirement ceremony with help from the entire Chicago Bears Network staff.  Everyone working at the Chicago Bears Network had a hand in collecting the numerous interviews with extra assistance from the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers video departments.



The following two videos are Halas Update segments that I produced for Bears Gameday Live.  They were written by Lyndsay Petruny and the footage was shot by Kevin Foy, Justin Peterson, Jordan Tredup, and I.



This is a piece I edited for Bears season ticket holders compiling the best sounds from the first three weeks of the season.  The footage was shot by Kevin Foy.




This is a story completed at KCCI about a local Des Moines woman who makes quilts out of old T-shirts.  I shot and edited the story while the reporter was Kim St. Onge.  There were many opportunities to use nat sound which allowed us to try a few creative shots.